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Whether you have lost teeth due to a trauma or poor dental habits, losing a tooth can be both emotionally and physically traumatic. Once a tooth is lost, the lack of the tooth's root can cause the bones beneath the teeth to deteriorate.
The fact is that 25% of your bone mass is lost in the first year after a tooth extraction. The bone is important in the structure and balance of your smile and face that without it, your lips can look thinner, your nose longer, you may lose more teeth and have a good chance of getting TMJ.
A dental implant is fairly simple. A Titanium post is inserted into the bone where the tooths root used to be. Because Titanium is biocompatible, it becomes one with the bone and essentially becomes a part of your mouth

just the way the tooth root was. This keeps the bone living and stimulated, prevents further tooth loss and keeps your face youthfully supported. Give us a call or visit us for more information at:

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